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Fifty Years a Furrier – Ozark son, Loren Garren, on a lifetime of trapping and trading. (Ozark Hills and Hollows Magazine, 2016)

Divided We Stand – Fifty-five years ago, McDonald County tried to secede from the state of Missouri. It would go down in history as one of the best decisions the county ever made. (Missouri Life, 2016)

Best Foot Forward – How one humble horseshoeing school turns out the best in the business. (Ozark Hills and Hollows Magazine, 2016)

Hope Floats for Noel’s Riverside Resorts – When a slow-moving storm swamped southwest Missouri last December, rainfall exceeded 12 inches in some parts of McDonald County. No community was hit harder than Noel, population 1,809. (Ozark Hills and Hollows Magazine, 2016).

Painting a Portal to the Past – Discover how frontiersman Doug Hall went from teepee living to becoming the most famous western artist you’ve never heard of. (Missouri Life, 2016).

More room for dessert – Kristen Sheafer raised more than $8,000 on Kickstarter to open the Frosted Cakerie on a hunch: dessert fads come and go, but the cake will reign supreme forever. (Joplin Regional Business Journal, 2016)

Creatures Great and Small– A farmer troubled by yet another problem – a lame Hereford – is requesting a hoof trim. The prognosis feels grim. Death isn’t pleasant for vets, but it’s a fact of life for practitioners who work with livestock. (Ozark Hills and Hollows Magazine, 2016).

Faithful Friends Animal Advocates Finally Finds A Home – Herman is an 85-pound American lab/mastiff happy to roll around in the grass, chewing on rawhides. It’s hard to imagine shooting him with an arrow and leaving him for dead, but that’s exactly what someone did. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

In the Ozarks, Hmong Immigrants Realize the American Dream – Kong Her, 20, points to a red tractor parked at the end of a tomato row and says with an affectionate laugh, “My mom drives that everywhere. She’s a crazy woman!” (The Big Nickel, 2015)

Untaken Photos – More than 17,000 photos salvaged from the Joplin tornado remain unclaimed. (Joplin Regional Business Journal, 2016)

Best Foot Forward – How one humble horseshoeing school turns out the best in the business. (Hills and Hollows Magazine, 2016)

The McDonald County Historical Museum Preserves a Precious and Shared Past – An old time photograph of a white-haired sheriff lying on a creek bank hangs in the entryway of the McDonald County Historical Museum. His hat is off, his gun is laid to rest. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Hooves For Healing – At Newton County’s equine therapy ranch, war veterans drop the tough-guy act and come to terms with their combat experiences. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

The Feminine Physique – What makes a woman a woman? Minnesotan body builders challenge common social notions about the female form. (Twin Cities METRO Magazine, 2012)

Back From Reality – Minnesota’s contingent of ex-reality TV stars has mixed feelings about its experience on shows like Project Runway and The Bachelor. (Twin Cities METRO Magazine, 2012)

Listening Rooms – From the street, Jeff Morrow’s house is unremarkable except for the people crowded at the backdoor. But he’s not hosting a party. It’s a concert. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2016)

All Paws – Not every job is glamorous. Dog groomer Debbie Pruitt is a hardworking woman, and it shows. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Angels of Mercy – Calling an air ambulance might be your worst nightmare, but if any team can revive the dead, it’s Eagle Med. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

There Be Monsters – Carthage’s Paranormal Science lab claims they know ghosts, and they’ve got the tools to prove they’re “for real.” (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

School of Rock – Boys will be boys, sure, but when it comes to music, three teenage brothers are quickly learning to act like men. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

How You Get Unstuck – After Claudia Cox’s husband drowned in a kayaking accident, she preserved his memory by hosting an annual softball tournament that bears his name. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Best in Show – Fourth grader Olivia Pierce has big dreams for every blend of mutt and mongrel. Westminster ain’t got nothin’ on her. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

The Best Booby Trap – Rural woman can’t afford to wait for that tell-tale lump. Thanks to the Mobile Mammogram Bus, the clinic comes to them. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

The Doggone Good Life – How could you not love a woman whose business motto is, “If I peed on it, it’s mine”? Meet Sidewalk Dog’s Ali Jarvis. (Twin Cities METRO Magazine, 2012)

You Must Go Here – You can buy seeds anywhere, sure, but the best seeds in the country are right in Missouri’s backyard. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

The Making of an All-Star Duo – It took 12 painful weeks for these couples to go from clumsy to all-stars, but the $25,000 raised for charity was worth it. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Bright Futures – Joplin’s grassroots program unites the business community with the needs of children. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine 2015)

Grand Gobblers – The National Turkey Wildlife Federation seeks to expose kids to the outdoors in their annual JAKES Event. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Rodeo Miami – The quiet story behind the triumphant revival of the largest amateur rodeo in the Four States. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Do You Doula? – Adding a doula to your birth plan is a bit like inviting in the fairy godmother you didn’t even know you needed. (Shoe Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Common but not normal – It first appeared as small red butterflies that stained the sheets, ink blots on my underwear.  Every time after sex, I bled: thin rivulets that trickled down my legs, begging to be deciphered. (In Hue Magazine, 2013)

Hispanic, black women more prone to cervical cancer disparities – When Nadra McClain was in her early teens, her mother refused to explain what her cone biopsy was all about. “I never understood what this whole thing was about, I just knew she had one,” McClain said. “I never knew the root cause of a thing like that…and then I got it.” (In Hue Magazine, 2013)

Teen Playwrights Featured at JAWS Festival – This Saturday, Natina Gilbert’s play, “Vanilla Cream Cone,” will be unveiled to a live audience at Portland Center Stage. It’s the second play she’s ever written. And she wrote it in 10 days. And she’s only 16. (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

Tornado Recovery

Book Review: Dear World – Robert X. Forgarty’s new portrait collection of Joplin residents seeks to define what it means to be a survivor of one of America’s worst tornadoes. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Joplin Murals – Recognizing graffiti as art wasn’t really Joplin’s scene, but then the tornado hit and everything changed. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

New School, New Life – It’s tempting to label Joplin’s new 475,000 square-foot high school a triumph over the 2011 tornado, but it’s so much more than that. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)


The Waiting Game – Carrying plates for a living is undervalued and underpaid. Here’s a series of very personal stories about the hard-working people in this often overlooked profession. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

A Long Overdue Ode – Caring teachers are the steam engines that helped us graduate from ABCs to Shakespeare, from simple addition to calculus. But it’s the sense of love and support that endures after all the details fall away. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Terrible Teens? Think Again – Teenagers get a bad rap these days. Hey, they’re easy targets. But this isn’t anything new. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Health Food Round Up – Living healthy isn’t easy for everyone, especially if you’re just beginning. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2016)

Why Volunteer? Students and Seniors Speak Out – It’s no secret that any event involving a hospital is probably going to be emotional, if not life-changing. That’s where people like Jim Sprinkle or Berenice Urbino-Maturino step in. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Singles in the City – Meet nine area singles who fall across dating spectrum. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Off Air – Despite the rising popularity of podcasts and playlists, FM radio is still an essential part of local daily life in Southwest Missouri. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)


When One Man’s Win is Another Man’s Win, Too – Every week for the past 15 years, Genaro Salas sold a lottery ticket to Raul Ahumada, a local chicken plant employee. On July 31st, he won $25 million dollars.

Knowing When to Shoot – You don’t see hunters with hot pink bows every day, but Danielle Gooder has nothing to prove. After all, she’s got two 10-point trophies on her wall. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Santa Claus Exists – St. Nick, the Jolly Man in Red–Santa Claus is real, and his name is Larry Griffith. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Q&A with Author Cheryl Strayed – Stolen moments with America’s radically empathetic advice columnist. (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

Words of Lizz-DomThe Daily Show co-creator and Minnesotan Lizz Winstead on her new memoir, Food on a Stick, and how her home state helped launch her comedic career. (Twin Cities METRO Magazine, 2012)

The Woman in Red – Once the hullabaloo faded over a viral flash mob Youtube proposal, everyone was left wondering: Who’s that girl? (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

The Man Who Loves Miami – When the BF Goodrich plant closed in 1985, one man dreamed of a different economic future for this blue collar town. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Chef Damien Tiergol – Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, Crabby’s head chef makes a move that’s sure to launch the restaurant to the top of Missouri’s food scene. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Let Me Introduce You – If you want into Carthage’s business community, you need to get past Neely Meyers first. The membership director of the Chamber of Commerce holds the keys to the city. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

This is How She Does It – Pineville City Clerk Melissa Ziemianin has enough personality to bring this sleepy town to life. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Eat & Drink

Big R’s BBQ – Anyone can buy a can of filling and a premade crust at the grocery store, but the making of pie – a real, good pie – is an art steeped in a long history. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2016)

Crabby’s Seafood Bar & Grill – “Lots of restaurants go to a farmer’s market,” says Chef Damien Tiergol. So when Georgianna McGriff approached him with a direct farm-to-table plan, he seized the opportunity. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2016)

All Aboard Ice Cream – A train isn’t just a train. It’s a time machine. Billy Garrigan, a lifetime ice cream maker, sets up shop in a rail car to preserve Americana. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

The Undercliff – The unfussy cuisine satisfies, sure, but it’s the atmosphere that keeps people coming back. And the fact that it’s literally built into a cliff. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Granny Shaffer’s – “You ever watch that show Restaurant Impossible? If that guy ever stopped in here, he’d go nuts,” says Mike Wiggins, owner of Granny Shaffer’s. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Mexican Way – The Gonzalez family isn’t afraid to call Mexican Way the best Mexican restaurant in town, but a wink accompanies the claim. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Club 609 – If you’ve never been to Club 609 in downtown Joplin, well, there’s no time like the present. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Bailey’s Eats & Sweets – Size is just a trick of the eye. At Carl Junction’s favorite cafe, what you see is what you get–and that ain’t a bad thing. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Crabby’s – You might be a snob in Southwest Missouri if Crabby’s tops your list of favorite restaurants… but who cares? It’s worth it. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Let It Pour – What happens when you unite public broadcast supporters with too much wine? One high falutin’ annual fundraiser! (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

One14 Coffee Bar – Neosho’s Small Business of the Year offers a much-needed “cool factor” to the slumping downtown square. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Great Grapes – Forget the lame gift baskets and stuffed animals. Come Valentines Day, Missouri’s wine vineyards are cozy, romantic, and free of crowds. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)


WWII in a Day  – Among history buffs, Guam is famous not for its glittering beaches and luxury shopping, but for its role in the Pacific WWII battles between the Allied forces and Japan. (The Guam Guide, 2016)

The Trails of Ritidian BeachRitidian Point may be famed for its powdery, white sand and jeweled waters, but beyond the splendors of its shoreline lies much to see. (The Guam Guide, 2015)

The Owyhee Honeycombs – The scenic canyons of Oregon’s Owyhee region, especially the Honeycombs, are a challenge worth the trouble to backpacking enthusiasts. (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

Oneonta Gorge – If there’s any warning needed for visiting Oneonta Gorge, know this: you will get wet. (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

Joseph, Oregon’s Eagle Cap Extreme: A Community Love Affair – Bino Fowler feels something burning in his boot. A rock? A wood shaving? He tries to ignore it, focuses on the tug, the temperature, the trail, admires the snow’s scalloping waves, but dammit – something’s burning in his boot. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Maybe it’s fate. He doesn’t have time for that. There’s a race going on, and he’s only five miles in.  (Mushing Magazine, 2011)

Of Monsters and Gardens – I’m really very bad at this gardening thing, and I don’t need you to rub it in, thank you very much. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine 2015)

Starting Tomatoes From Seed – Turns out these babies need a little more TLC than just tossing seeds into the ground. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

If You Can’t Grow Your Own… – Garden got you down? Hit the farmers market. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2015)

Why Garden at All? – Gardening is a labor of love hard fought, hard won. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Crimes Against My Garden – Hey you! Can I give you some cucumbers, please? No, no, seriously, please? (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Tiny Plants for Tiny Spaces – Think you don’t have enough room for indoor plants? Think again. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

The Truculent Succulent – Got a black thumb? No worries. Succulents are attractive, attention-grabbing, and impossible to kill. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Putting a Garden to Rest – The season is over–thank God. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)

Perfecting a Pumpkin Patch – After my personal crop failed, I turned to the pros for advice. (Show Me the Ozarks Magazine, 2014)


Clothing Designer Ann Williamson – One Portland woman combines her love of sewing with appliqué, piecing and beading to make one-of-a-kind “wearable art.” One of Williamson’s favorite fabrics is Japanese kimono silk. The hand-made decoration and woven designs of this luxurious silk complements Ann’s own embellishments, all intended to make the wearer feel beautiful. (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

Blues Musician Lloyd Jones – Lloyd Jones has got the blues. He learned to play from legends and for more than 40 years, has toured the country singing and sharing the blues with new generations of music lovers. (Oregon Art Beat, 2012)

Slideshow: Goatlandia Bike Tour – Why bother with a dog when you can have a goat? For a growing number of Portlanders, the attraction to urban farm animals is they require equal or less maintenance and actually provide a product — eggs, milk and minor landscaping services. (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2012)

Stroke Survivor Repaints His Own Paintings – Dan McCandless is a lot of things — father, husband, cabinet-maker, inventor, painter — but in his own terms: “I’m stubborn.” This audio slideshow documents his progress while he tells his story.


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