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“Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same…

Age is a Terror

A few weeks ago, some of Jon’s employees started giving him a hard time about his graying beard. “They make beard dye ‘for the distinguished gentleman,’…

Just this

“Love me,” Jon says sometimes, often.  It’s a command, a plea.  A question.  He says it at the end of bad days and long nights, when…

Mere Mortals

Now that we live together, Jon rarely calls in the middle of the day anymore, and that’s okay.  But two days ago, my phone rang and…

Rose Hansen

writer | photographer

Pursing holiness with constantly dirty feet ~ Wild Hare Farm, Thurston County, WA

300 stories

A continuing mission to produce flash fiction stories in 300 words (or less)

For Dragonflies And Me

Come and share in the simple things I love in my life!

Write On Target

Where writers meet and words come to life

Homestead Honey

Inspiration for a Radical Homestead


The blog

The Slow Foods Mama

{ sowing seeds of sanity in an insane food system }

The Cosy Kitchen

Food. Friends. Fridays.

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

Simple life on a little piece of land.

Gwirrel's Garden

: Doesn't like reality :


I read these books and you could too?

write meg!

Writing, Reading and Loving Like a Mother

Sublime Palate

A Food journal of beautiful memories and fascinating cultures

A Vegetarian Foodie's Guide to Life


"It's so beautifully arranged on the the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it." - Julia Child

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the blog about living with (just a little) less