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Kitties v. Armadillo

How is it that an armadillo can be completely oblivious to these two ferocious killers?

And worse, that these two ferocious killers are completely unprovoked by an armadillo?

I mean, look at this maine coon.


She is less than a year old and, like, 15 pounds and her teeth are so deadly sharp that she can gnaw straight through our winter down comforter in the middle of the night to draw blood from our sleeping toes. She will paw at frogs in streams. She is a killer. No joke.


And this little street rat, (I really did find him wandering the highway as a helpless kitten), “Itty Bitty,” has become quite an accomplished hunter. He brings us “treats” on an almost daily basis. And then plays dumb and cute and doesn’t really appreciate being yelled at for being thoughtful enough to deliver dead little birds and mice.

0H5A9358 0H5A9347

But when it comes to a pest we’d really prefer not to have in our yard, like this damn lawn-destroying armadillos, they just sit there and watch.


Lazy beasts.

Some life.


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