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Container lettuce

Miss Pax is a skeptic of container vegetable gardens. Can you tell?

She probably inherited it from me. I have no justifiable excuse for this. There’s plenty of evidence that it works. It’s just so hard to believe.

But it’s become clear to me that Jon and I simply cannot eat enough to keep up with the vegetables that pop up out of my garden. The conclusion? I simply do not need a gigantic garden, and the gigantic headache that accompanies it.

So this fall, I’m trying my hand at container gardening. A couple little green bean bushes, and a few bushels of spinach and lettuce.


I have to say, I didn’t just magically wake up and change my mind. I was killing time before a photoshoot for work and I stopped into the cutest antique/home goods store in the entire world and found this ridiculously overpriced washtub planter and couldn’t live without it.


But what to do with it?! I already have storage for towels and blankets and even guest welcome baskets and all the cute normal Pinterest-y ways people repurpose this stuff.

So my Jon drilled a couple holes in it for drainage…

0H5A9016Didn’t he do a fine job?

And then I partially filled it with rocks for even better drainage…


And then I filled it with (Gasp! I am so sorry…) Miracle Grow potting soil.

Tangent: Yes, I know, I know, Miracle Grow. Miracle Grow! Me. Organic food lover. Organic food snob. I recognize my hypocrisy. I own it. I’m just so tired of my vegetables crapping out on me. And Miracle Grow, well, grows.


I planted my seeds. Most of them are invisible to the camera, but I do have a couple seeds coated with super magic quick germination stuff, see the orange dots?

0H5A9031These will have to be thinned as they come up, but that’s how you get baby greens.

Betchya didn’t know that, eh?

Here’s another super cute picture of Pax, since I’ve probably managed to lost your respect and insulted your intelligence. She’s just as bored as you.


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