from sky to seed

Come rain, come cow

They say that cows lie down when weather’s coming.

“They” are right.

We’ve had torrential rains this summer. It’s destroyed a lot of gardens. Farmers that I talk to say they’ve had the worst tomato crop this season that they’ve had in several years. For any non-gardeners, tomatoes can’t handle too much water all at once. The fruit keeps absorbing water faster than the skin can keep up and the tomatoes split.

After two or three big rains washed much of my garden out, I sort of gave up on the whole ordeal. And it is an ordeal. More on that later.

But the other thing that all these big rains do is make actually getting to the farm quite difficult. Recall these photos from a few years ago. To get to our house, we’ve got to cross a tiny single-lane bridge that was built in 1930. The crossing alone is not for the faint of heart.


But to make things more difficult, in heavy rains the creek rises so quickly and with such force that it will blow out the road on both sides. Luckily the guys on our farm crew are whizzes on machinery, my Jon included, but it still takes a full days work to get it all repaired.

We’ve been getting lots of rain again this week. When I made a run up to a near city (and when I say city, I mean town of 50,000) to splurge at Target, water was sweeping across the highway and the cops and fire trucks were parked on both sides of the road with lights flashing to alert drivers.

Meanwhile, back on the farm…


Looks like we’re in for a whole days work. Again.

And when I say we, I mean them.

I get to stay home and take pictures of my ridiculously beautiful animals.



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