from sky to seed

My nemesis returns! WEEDS

See that picture of me smiling?

I’d call that a grimace.

Just a few weeks into Spring and my garden is overrun with weeds!

I have piles and piles of cardboard because, at some point, I am going to concoct a cardboard mulch that won’t blow all over the rest of the farm and make us look like no-gooders, but I haven’t yet, hence the weeds. It’s mostly grass and tiny, harmless seedlings that look a lot like baby lettuce, but then there are these nutso root balls bigger than my torso.

And I know that there are ways to put on ground cover to prevent the weeds from coming up, but I honestly scratch my head over how to do this and manage my irrigation lines and letting my seeds come up out of the ground.

It’s not so terrible weeding the garden–just a lot of good hard labor with the rake and my shovel and bucket. I’ll be honest: it’s a ton of work, and it’s not that much fun.

But check out my biceps!

Every shadow has a light, right?

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