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Mystery Seed: Milkweed?

Fluffy innards, dark, flat seed, curly vine, hard-shelled pod. Milkweed?

Jon found this seed pod on the farm last fall and brought it home for me, with my little-used forestry degree, to identify.

I couldn’t.

We showed it to friends, neighbors, old-timers… everyone just shrugged their shoulders. One person told us it was probably a weed and that we ought to throw it away. His mother suggested we just plant the thing and find out.


With winter fast approaching, we put the pod on display above the fireplace to keep it safe until Spring. But thanks to the heat, it yawned awake and revealed its silky, fluffy contents and dark seeds.


At the very least, it makes for a pretty centerpiece in our living room.


I recently saw an article in Heirloom magazine about the importance of milkweed for monachs, and I wonder, is this a milkweed? If so, can I plant the seeds willy nilly for butterfly habitat?

4 Responses to “Mystery Seed: Milkweed?”

  1. ljcomerford

    Yes it is milkweed and can become weedy if you let it. It has wonderfully fragrant flowers in the summer and very decorative seed pods.


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