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Thanks to a hangar door mishap a few weeks back, Jon’s airplanes — and our glass-walled apartment — are in full view of anyone who flies into the local airport.

Context: We have a farm but we don’t live on it.  The one house there is full of snakes and looks haunted.  So instead, we live in an airplane hangar ten miles away with a small apartment on the second level.

Years ago ,when I was still a green grad student and my Alaskern airplane-flying crazy-father upbringing was weird and exotic enough to snag the attention of my high-falutin’ New Yorker colleagues, my friend sent me a link to this story with a note that read something along the lines of YOUR TRUE SOULMATE.  (I had a different boyfriend at the time who was very nice but definitely not my soulmate.)

I glanced at the story and simply wrote back, Not to be a one-upper, but I know a man who’s got one better…

Hard to believe I live with him these days.

I ought to do a little post about our totally awesome little hangar apartment, but not today.  All I wanted to do was post this picture of the door collapse:

The steel skeleton collapse, the door slump, the broken entry.  Hence, no flying for a while.

The steel skeleton collapse, the door slump, the broken entry. Hence, no flying for a while.

Even better?  The company that manufactures these kinds of hangar doors is out of business.  Surprise!  So Jon hired the same handy-dandy cowboy-hat sporting men who built his barn to tackle the door project.  Which they’ve never done before.  And which is taking weeks upon weeks to engineer.

Finally, here’s a cute picture of Pax, who I love.

Whenever my camera comes out, Pax assumes it's for her.

Whenever my camera comes out, Pax assumes it’s for her.

3 Responses to “Peepshow”

  1. Jules

    I love that you live in an airplane hangar, and I would love to hear (and see) more about it!! Very cool!

  2. Jim Meyer

    I dreamed of living in or on an airport for a number of years. A practical wife kept me in town. I can handle the 13 mi commute.

  3. Jim Meyer

    Were you aware that the MO/IA chapter of the International Flying Farmers were meeting in Mexico, Mo this week? March 6-9.


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