from sky to seed

Pax and the Cows

My walking companion.

All summer long, Jon has been talking about moving our camping trailer out to the center of the farm for us to stay.  I’ll be honest — I was a bit skeptical.  It sounded fun.  Fun enough, I mean.  But I’ve never been one for camping trailers and RVs.  All the best camping I’ve ever done was the hippy dippy stuff that everyone out here seems so suspicious of, with lightweight tents and tiny collapsible stoves, not this big-rig late-in-life fashion of hot showers and Pottery Barn.

Well, the hippy-dippy boyfriends of backpacking past will hang their heads, but I have to admit, trailer life is pretty damn nice.  We’ve got it sitting right in the heart of the farm, next to an abandoned, uninhabitable red house that’s been there for a hundred or so years.  I like it a lot.  It feels like we’ve got neighbors who never bother you or make too much noise or spy.  In the mornings, light passes through the walnut limbs in patchy nets, and all I can ever hear are the cows sighing in the neighboring fields.

I’ve gained weight since moving here, and I blame it partially on living with a man (too much steak, too much wine) but mostly it’s that I don’t exercise enough.  It’s strange not to live in a city anymore, where everything is within walking distance.  I do that thing where I park far away from doors in the Walmart parking lots, and I’ve been going to the gym here and there and to hot yoga, but I’m not sure it makes much of a difference.

So it’s nice living in the trailer, where I can at least walk to the garden, which is maybe a mile or so away.  And I can make coffee (which, by the way, is an adventure — the electrical circuits in the trailer are whacked.  We can’t run the TV and the coffeemaker at the same time, and lately we’ve got an extension cord hooked up to the TV to suck power out of the one still-working outlet in the living room) and step outside barefoot and visit the cows.  It sounds romantic and it should be, but those things are big and scary and a little weary of my cattle dog.  But I can stand from afar and smile nervously, and wave.

Some moments are so lovely, you could stand still all day just watching.

Some moments are so lovely, you could stand still all day just watching.

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