from sky to seed

Mid-Season Dreams

New seed order on its way!

It’s time for something new.

The shiny attraction of gardening has dulled.  I didn’t want it to happen.  I tried to keep my head up.  But, between the gnats flying into my mouth and the heavy air and the pest infestations and the exhausting daily labor of pulling weeds, farming lost its romantic edge.

We’ve been hit with a series of rain and lightning storms the past few days, limiting my time outside.  When I went out to the garden yesterday, I was dismayed to see that high winds had knocked several corn stalks over, that the weeds had monstrously tripled, drowning out the corn, the carrots, the tomatoes cages collapsed, the zucchini wilted to those goddamn squash bugs.  I pulled weeds for a thirty minute window between storms and then, heart heavy, returned home.

“I would do so many things differently,” I told Jon, “if I’d known better.”

“Sounds like life,” he said.  “You just try and try.  It’s alright.”

These faces keep my spirits up.

After a feel-good cuddle with Pax and Jon, I went onto Facebook and saw the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company’s latest newsletter on mid-season planting.

It’s exactly the second chance I need.  I went ahead and ordered everything they suggested — short button carrots, varieties of snow peas, leafy greens that perform well in the waning summer light and temperature.  They’ll be here in a few days.  We’ll clear the failed rows of squash.  Hack back the weeds.  I’ll be diligent about spreading mulch early and treating (with neem oil and diatomaceous earth) for pests.  I’ll work harder.  Do better.  Strive for more.

And pray.

Planting for Fall

calima beans, chioggia beets, early Jersey wakefield cabbbage, nero di toscana cabbage, parisienne carrot, lemon cucumber, mini white cucumber, extra dwarf pak choy, mizuna greens, Russian red kale, lettuces, snow peas

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