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Mere Seedlings, Big Dreams

Our seeds just arrived from Burpee!! All heirlooms! They are going to be so beautiful.  Just holding the seed packets in my hands made my heart bloom. No matter what happens, these veggies will be raised with pure love. Jon’s spending the week discing up the field, whatever that means, and I’m heading down on Friday to get a-planting.


All in all: Green Stringless, Italian Rose, and striking Bush Dragon’s Tongue Wax Beans; Long Island Brussel Sprouts; Touchon and Red Cored Chantenay Carrots; Country Gentleman and Golden Bantam Corn; Straight Eight and Lemon Cucumber; Rosa Bianca Eggplant; Red Russian and Lacinato Kale; Black-Seeded Simpson, Four Season, Rouge d’Hiver, and Tom Thumb Lettuce; the incredibly beautiful Watermelon Radish; heat-hardy New Zealand Spinach; Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato, Delicata, the spooky-but-cool-as-hell Marina di Chioggia, and Black Beauty Squash; Black Krim, Super Italian Paste, and Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes; Hales Best Cantaloupe; Vedrantais and Charentais Melon; Georgia Rattlesnake and Moon and Stars Watermelon; and some giant sunflowers!

Anybody out there have any experience with these vegetables? I have a friend whose mother spent five years perfecting her garden. My area is the size of a football field–so there is a lot of room dynamic spatial organization. Jon thinks we should just throw them in the ground and see what happens. I suspect the process is a touch more complicated than that. I would love some advice with plotting, growing, planting, etc.

2 Responses to “Mere Seedlings, Big Dreams”

  1. Jan Jacklin

    Three books that make gardening more fun….
    No Work Garden Book….Ruth Stout….written in 1959
    Introduction to Permaculture…..Bill Mollison
    Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Homescale Permaculture….Toby Hemenway
    These three have been my best reads, less work gardening….plus I added Square Foot Gardening…Mel Bartholomew about 10 years ago….ALSO always plant herbs in a pot & sink them into the ground…they won’t get out of control that way….
    Have a great time…..I plant about 50 tomato plants each year…get my organic, heirloom seeds from Tomato Bob’s online….prices are great & service excellent….
    I see Pax is busy “outstanding in her field” with you….
    Loves & Hugs from Oregon….


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