from sky to seed

  • Some magic

    On this first day of the year we woke long after dawn to a sun high and hot enough to burn off the fog. The ground was glazed in a thin sheath of frost, the cats mewed restlessly…

  • Grief to garden

    I used to think that the only kind of gardening worth doing was gardening that produced something worth eating. A noble concept, sure, but also astonishingly arrogant. I look back…

  • Never can say goodbye

    The morning Pax died, I folded her body into our favorite summer sheet, a crisp white percale with pale green paisley print. As I carried her across the yard, I took note of her…

  • Flowering trees

    Some time ago, the woman (I assume it must have been a woman, of course) who lived on this farm planted three apple trees along the fence line. Who knows how long ago. Twenty,…

  • Double-wide life

    Jon and I tossed around the idea of building a house for a year or two, but we just never quite built up the stock-pile of patience needed to actually commit to that kind of a…

  • Bluff Dwellers Cavern

    It was 1925, and when Arthur Browning felt cool air welling from a low dark crack on his property, he knew that the bluff masked a cave. Over the next two years, he excavated,…

  • Elk River, Labor Day

  • Love is our essential task

    I heard this great quote on a soundcloud episode the other day (and the source of the quote originally appeared this New York Times Modern Love column) and shared it with Jon and…

  • Come rain, come cow

    They say that cows lie down when weather’s coming. “They” are right. We’ve had torrential rains this summer. It’s destroyed a lot of gardens. Farmers…

  • Tomato models

    Pretty, ain’t they?

  • My new maine squeeze

    What more is there to say? We got a Maine Coon. She knows she adorable. Meet Emmy Lou.

  • Wide row gardening and bok choy

    I’m backdating this a bit, but I’ve got good reason for the delay. For the past several weeks, we’ve been living out in the sticks, way out down in the country,…

  • Transitioning tomatoes

    Last year, I started a bunch of tomatoes from seed–my very first effort ever–and had absolutely no clue what I was doing. For all the alleged tomato-growing-magicians…

  • It takes a village

    We bought a house. Have I mentioned that? Well, not exactly a house — but a manufactured home. A double-wide. A trailer. I say this shruggingly. Where I grew up, so many…

  • Valley of Fire

    We ran away from the Missouri winter for a few days in the desert. I loved and felt so lucky sharing a place like this with Jon. I got to spend some time in backcountry Utah a few…

  • As local as it gets

    In some other phantom life, I’d be a vegan. I don’t have strong feelings about animal rights (sorry!), but I do believe that there are significant benefits to eating a…

  • Men at work

    *contains graphic imagery* It’s a bloody business, operating a cattle farm. The days ticking down to Thanksgiving are typically a flurry of family matters and last-minute…

  • Flight behavior

    The other day I was trying to clear some clutter off the counters, but so much of it is Jon’s stuff. We have a small apartment with very little storage. I can’t seem to…

  • Wonderful 100 and what I’ve learned

    Oh hey, I wrote my 100th blog post yesterday! To my 125+ (!!!!!) followers, thank you, thank you, thank you. Now, can you please tell your friends about me? “A word after a…

  • The only things that are important in life are the things that you remember

    Years ago, when I was younger and more innocent and naive and sweet and firmer and perhaps an all around better person (i.e. a child) than I am today, I was the youngest writer in…

  • Not such a dumbass after all

    I had more than my share of struggles this summer — namely super shitty terrible hard soggy sticky clay soil — which left me less than enthusiastic to write. After…

  • First planting

    A bunch of plain brown dirt doesn’t make for the prettiest portrait background, but that’s the reality of gardening. It ain’t always pretty, and it’s…

  • The brief now

    “Healing is a small and ordinary and very burnt thing.” – Cheryl Strayed I have four magazine deadlines in six days and I’ve been away for a long time, but…

  • Circus monkeys

    Yesterday was the 6th annual fly-in at Stearman Field, a small, privately-owned airport just outside of Wichita.  Jon knows the owners from an aircraft purchase a few years…

  • Welcome to the world, baby sprouts

    I spent a long weekend in Upstate New York, neglecting the seeds and everything they promised for a long, rainless stretch of days.  When I got back to Missouri, two of the…

  • Every dog day

    An easy summary of farming life with Pax, my dog, via stolen passages from the incredibly beautiful The Dog Stars by Peter Heller: “We need a hill, I called, picking up the…

  • There be monsters

    The corner of Missouri that I’m starting to call “home” is a community so small that when you walk into a liquor store, people tip their heads and ask,…

  • Sowing and sown

    Last March, I gave Jon the poem, “A Birthday” by W.S.  Merwin.  Its closing lines: “The long way to you is still tied to me / but it brought me to you”…

    Here and gone

    I’ve lived here three years and I still get lost on the county roads. They’re not well-signed. Google Maps is not reliable. The service drops out…

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