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    My new maine squeeze

    What more is there to say? We got a Maine Coon. She knows she adorable. Meet Emmy Lou.

  • 0H5A6017

    Baja, aha!

    Morning light on the seguaros and boulders of Catalina, Baja California.

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    Wide row gardening and bok choy

    I’m backdating this a bit, but I’ve got good reason for the delay. For the past several weeks, we’ve been living out in the sticks, way out down in the country,…

  • 0H5A5030

    Inventing an irrigation strategy

    I have a Medusa’s hell nest worth of past years’ irrigation equipment coiled into a nightmare in our garden shed. I’m not squeamish about bugs or rodents, but…

  • 0H5A5240

    Transitioning tomatoes

    Last year, I started a bunch of tomatoes from seed–my very first effort ever–and had absolutely no clue what I was doing. For all the alleged tomato-growing-magicians…

  • 0H5A4827


    Jon came home the other night with a fogged up plastic bag slung over his shoulder like some hobo on the run. “See what I got you, Princess?” He unloaded it onto the…

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    Experiments in soil improvements

    Seems I traveled back in time to high school chemistry this week. It’s my (largely unfounded, perhaps irrational) impression that serious gardeners carry soil core…

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    It takes a village

    We bought a house. Have I mentioned that? Well, not exactly a house — but a manufactured home. A double-wide. A trailer. I say this shruggingly. Where I grew up, so many…

  • 0H5A4741

    Valley of Fire

    We ran away from the Missouri winter for a few days in the desert. I loved and felt so lucky sharing a place like this with Jon. I got to spend some time in backcountry Utah a few…

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    As local as it gets

    In some other phantom life, I’d be a vegan. I don’t have strong feelings about animal rights (sorry!), but I do believe that there are significant benefits to eating a…

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    Men at work

    *contains graphic imagery* It’s a bloody business, operating a cattle farm. The days ticking down to Thanksgiving are typically a flurry of family matters and last-minute…

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    Flight behavior

    The other day I was trying to clear some clutter off the counters, but so much of it is Jon’s stuff. We have a small apartment with very little storage. I can’t seem to…

  • write 2

    Wonderful 100 and what I’ve learned

    Oh hey, I wrote my 100th blog post yesterday! To my 125+ (!!!!!) followers, thank you, thank you, thank you. Now, can you please tell your friends about me? “A word after a…

  • photo credit: Benjamin Krause

    The only things that are important in life are the things that you remember

    Years ago, when I was younger and more innocent and naive and sweet and firmer and perhaps an all around better person (i.e. a child) than I am today, I was the youngest writer in…

  • Behold, harvest!

    Not such a dumbass after all

    I had more than my share of struggles this summer — namely super shitty terrible hard soggy sticky clay soil — which left me less than enthusiastic to write. After…

  • IMG_1190

    First planting

    A bunch of plain brown dirt doesn’t make for the prettiest portrait background, but that’s the reality of gardening. It ain’t always pretty, and it’s…

  • Beloved, beloved, beloved on a stormy, nameless beach on the Florida Gulf last December.

    The brief now

    “Healing is a small and ordinary and very burnt thing.” – Cheryl Strayed I have four magazine deadlines in six days and I’ve been away for a long time, but…

  • The emblem from Jay Leno's millionaire friend's race car.

    Circus monkeys

    Yesterday was the 6th annual fly-in at Stearman Field, a small, privately-owned airport just outside of Wichita.  Jon knows the owners from an aircraft purchase a few years…

  • Hello, baby squash!  Welcome to the world!

    Welcome to the world, baby sprouts

    I spent a long weekend in Upstate New York, neglecting the seeds and everything they promised for a long, rainless stretch of days.  When I got back to Missouri, two of the…

  • Pax, my moody, kooky, brilliant, nine year old blue merle border collie.

    Every dog day

    An easy summary of farming life with Pax, my dog, via stolen passages from the incredibly beautiful The Dog Stars by Peter Heller: “We need a hill, I called, picking up the…

  • Sunset on the country road home.

    There be monsters

    The corner of Missouri that I’m starting to call “home” is a community so small that when you walk into a liquor store, people tip their heads and ask,…

  • IMG_3294

    Sowing and sown

    Last March, I gave Jon the poem, “A Birthday” by W.S.  Merwin.  Its closing lines: “The long way to you is still tied to me / but it brought me to you”…


    Much at stake

    I (stupidly) forgot to take any photographs of my rye winter cover crop before Jon tilled my garden for spring planting, but it was impressive. Supposedly,…



    Jon built an owl box–for me, he claimed–and was so upset that I wasn’t more excited about it that he refused to show it to me…

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